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Srinivas Devaki


December 5, 2023

For a number of businesses, cost optimization is a dreaded task that repeats itself once each year. It screechingly halts the product roadmap and makes a business refocus a significant chunk of their time to optimize cost.

Empowering engineers to take action is the major pain point in cost optimisation

Performance Optimisation and Cost Optimisation problems are some of the challenging and exciting problems that an engineer can solve. But then why aren’t these problems being solved in a continuous manner already and why do they require a once-a-year refocus? Other quality attributes of software like reliability and security aren’t being only solved once a year and nor do they require refocusing the entire organization each year.

The core of this once-a-year problem is that cost isn’t being treated as a quality attribute of code but rather a task driven top down using levers like budgets that have very low leverage and quite frankly a very dull process.

Problems in Building a Frugal Culture

  • Lack of Cost Observability: Be it reliability, security or cost, the first step of solving any quality attribute of software/code is to make the whole system observable so that it’s easier to visualize new problems, debug existing problems effortlessly.

  • Slower Analysis: While cost observability solves the ability to debug the problems, it's still not enough if that debugging takes 2-3 days. For example if I have to juggle 3-4 dashboards, and custom profiling tools to come up with a strategy to optimize database cost then it's quite easy for me to say “let’s deal with this cost problem at the end of the year when it becomes a problem”.

  • Slower Feedback: cost and performance are inherently an afterthought of releasing the code, it's exponentially harder to estimate how many dollars, vcpu, memory it will cost for your http server to run before you deploy. it's rather much easier to release and find out. Since it’s harder to estimate ahead, the next best thing is to shorten the feedback loop.

What is Opti Owl Cloud Today?

While our mission is grand, starting today we are launching a significant fundamental component contributing to that mission in private-beta.

Insights Engine helps businesses in reducing the analysis time in finding in-efficiencies. We automatically find in-efficiencies like Under Utilized resources, Unused resources, Alternate cheaper and better cloud products, legacy cloud components that are more costly and slower. It is estimated that an average business spends approximately 30% in unused resources alone, and our existing customers already saved more than 20% in savings from the generated insights.

Check out our home page at to explore all the features. In particular, we have curated a couple of specific features that we think will excite you as much as they did us while building them.

Finding Opportunities with High Leverage

Seeing a dashboard showing a million cost savings opportunities is rarely useful. So we equip each insight with an estimated saving potential, a relatively graded effort and risk attributes to each insight.

But what does that mean? Say you have some bandwidth to spare and you are trying to save some cost, then you can sort opportunities based on their effort and risk. Or if you are setting ambitious goals on cost optimisation targets, then you can sort opportunities based on how much they can save.

Efficiency Budgets

The traditional total spend budget model is highly exploitable. without a strong domain knowledge it's hard to pushback on budget increase requests.

We provide a much better way by setting efficiency budgets rather than total spend budgets. With an efficiency budget of 80%, teams will have enough headroom to take trade offs while ensuring that costs don't compound and create a problem at the year end.

Join Today

We are officially launching the private beta program today. Stay tuned for exciting announcements, exclusive offers, and valuable insights on how to take control of your cloud costs. Our existing beta customers have already seen > 20% savings.

Ready to take control of your cloud costs and build a frugal engineering culture in your organization? Join the Opti Owl Cloud.

Not convinced enough? But you are still facing cloud cost problems? Book a meeting with us at , we would love to listen to any pain points you are currently facing and help in any way we can. 🙂

Stay up to date on managing cloud costs!

Opti Owl

Cut your cloud costs today

Stay up to date on managing cloud costs!

Opti Owl

Cut your cloud costs today

Stay up to date on managing cloud costs!

Opti Owl

Cut your cloud costs today

Stay up to date on managing cloud costs!